Our story

My name is Eszter Loványi, I am a special education teacher and a sociologist. I was born with severe hearing-impairment (deafness). I have always admired specially trained dogs (e.g. guide dog, rescue dog, tracking dog).

Some years ago a Canadian friend of mine told me, that hearing dogs had been successfully employed there, I was merely enchanted by a video taken of a dog like that. So I began to look around at home, in Hungary.

I have many times liaised with an organization founded for special dog training, but I was always provided with the information, that in our country the training for hearing dogs had not been begun for the time being, therefore they could not undertake us, not even as a private follower. I sadly took cognizance of the fact, that I would not have a hearing dog.

A turn in our fortune has been occurred, when a friend of us presented me to Richárd Mányik, a trainer at NEO Hungarian Servicedog Association, in a summer camp in 2009 organized for owners and dogs itself. At that time Kuku was over 2 years, therefore – although we had been attending dog school, and had passed obedience exam – I did not believe seriously, that we would be able to continue with the hearing dog project.

In September Ricsi visited us, we were chatting. At the end Ricsi declared a magic phrase: LET’S HAVE A TRY! From this time on, our life has been changed completely. The following months were full of e-mail exchanges, everyday practices, successes, and difficulties.

Our common work resulted in success: from April 2010, Kuku confidently and reliably calls me whenever a sound (e.g. someone calls my name) or noise (e.g. knocking, phone calls, kitchen timer calls, door bell calls, alarm system calls, carbon-monoxide and fire alarm) can be heard. As long as Kuku wakes me up, I have never been late from my work. Kuku is enormous help for me, first of all in that particular case, if I do not wear my hearing aid.

I am extremely proud of Kuku being a „demo dog”, as I boast of live performance and videos taken of Kuku’s performance to my friends and acquaintances, even to those who had not supported at that time, and now they admire Kuku’s talents.

In the year 2009, Kuku the 4 years old golden retriever began the course for being a hearing dog for the first time in Hungary, and as of today he fills his duty as certified hearing dog. In our country the duty of hearing dogs has not been well appreciated, nowadays only 2 that kind of dog are performing its duties with an official qualification.

As a great friend of dogs, I am very happy to contribute with our personal experiences to draw up the hearing dogs’ programs of the Association. We are glad to participate in demo programs, at professional lectures and to take part in school ‘workshops’.

As it can be seen on the videos, under if any sound occures, first Kuku finds the source thereof, than he warns me by single touch and guides me to the source of the noise, preciously locating that. (e.g. knocking on the door or on the window.)

Should you have further questions, please contact me on the following e–mail address: lovanyieszter@segitokutya.net.


Signaling the kitchen timer

Indicating the name of the dog’s owner

Fire / Carbon monoxide alarm (the international signal of an alarm situation that the dog alerts the owner then lays down immediately)

Signaling of doorbell rings, phone rings, alarm clock and the knocks on the door

My favourite photos

By Dávid Kecskeméti (http://kecskemetidavid.blogspot.com/)By Dávid Kecskeméti (http://kecskemetidavid.blogspot.com/)